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One of the most popular areas today for entrepreneurs, are new business start ups called “local.”  I always try to support my local businesses as much as I can, I feel you need to do a lot of local research as your biggest outlay will be local marketing and advertising, to get there name and service out there in the local area, local online advertising is cost effective which you can direct it at targeted audience if done properly.


Also this might be the biggest challenge with local. Now let’s say you have  created a great service that the end users love and need it then gets popular  through word of mouth this is the time to make a loyalty promotion to your  clients/customers to come back to you and recommend to there friends,  funny I was talking with a carpet cleaning company in Plymouth, most of  there business comes from word of mouth, via these local Facebook groups  like buy and sells, but as I said to the company aren’t you restricting yourself  too a certain customer, mainly because if I wanted my carpets cleaned I  would go to FB but none the less he’s doing very well. I feel the problem is  for the large part, these local businesses don’t think of the online web as an

important tool or don’t really understand how to use it. You can ask you nearest restaurant owner or dry cleaners about online advertising, they shy away from it or don’t see it as critical, which makes them confused about it.

Now if you are working from home or in a remote location, again I would stress that’s its really hard to be remote. I have found from my experience that most remote workers work at least as hard, if not harder, than their local counter-parts. Now maybe this is fuelled by a small part of guilt and fear. Some people feel guilty from working at home. We can only assume we all think we’re just hanging out watching loose women or something, even we assume you think we’re just at the shopping mall tweeting or having a coffee at Nero’s using free internet. I might add that some fear that you think we aren’t putting in a solid 40, 50 hours in a week. Now because of this thinking, we tend to be working late evenings nights, plus work after the kids are in bed, and not forgetting working the weekends, maybe the odd afternoon off to see a kid’s school play or sports event, but then that guilt will send us right back in to make up the loss time. In my experience, remote workers are more likely to feel they are taking time from the company and pay it back more than others.

Small businesses have and will always struggle to compete with large businesses that have millions to invest in PR and advertising, and also have big buying power that allows them to offer the cheapest prices Tesco is a great example. However combine this with a tight economy where customers / people have too little remaining disposable money to purchase local (sometimes often at a premium) or to buy anything they really don’t need, leads to falling sales for local biz, plus the banks are unwilling or unable to lend to small businesses, so this is the time now more than ever to support local business and for the local biz to understand its market before jumping in.

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Limo to Airport Fly Direct to London or take the Train?

My Dad always complained about Thatcher’s privatisation on what he called Thatcherism as it represents a belief held by many anti Thatcher cheerleaders that capitalism and free market theory does or does not triumph, even in circumstances where it is at a distinct disadvantage…much like our railways! Yet like him, and his friends will refuse to give up, or concede that they’re economic ideology is a tiny bit flawed, even when its glaringly obvious that its failing.

The truth is free market theory will only work in certain circumstances, notably situations where there is truly a “free” market (not a cosy mafia, well I did like The God Father), where there is actual “competition” (could kill it off financially, job done) and the economic model being promoted is actually sustainable and water tight (our no’s add up bullshit I hear you say). None of these conditions applied to the UK railways at privatisation. Firstly companies had to bid to get the contracts. As a result from day one all the individual rail companies had a huge deficit on their balance sheet and lots of stake holder’s looking for a profit to be turned in quickly to give “confidence” to the markets (else the companies would find it impossible to raise money later without going to the government).

Also, in fairness to the railway companies, competition will only occur when there’s a level playing field. The things the railway boy’s should be competing against, cars and short haul flights, are both massively subsided by the government (a lot more than the measly 5 Billion the railways get).

It’s hard to believe that the railway train companies have to pay tax on fuel, but the Airline’s doesn’t. Add in the costs of maintaining the UK’s airports, traffic control, fire and emergency cover, the cost of building all those airports and support infrastructure to begin with, not to mention the costs of climate change (please don’t get me started with climate control), you know air travel is 5-10 times worse (depends if you ask Greenpeace right) per mile travelled than trains. Taking all this into account and you can see that there are a whole set of hidden costs that you’re Flybe £28.41 Exeter to London City ticket doesn’t cover. Well you could also travel in relaxing style by taking a Limousine to the airport, make sure you don’t drink to much or you wont make the steps of the airplane

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Welcome To My New Blog

Hey Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to my new blog. I’ll be sharing information to you about businesses and how you can utilise local people into your local organisation.

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